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Cloud Career Journeys: Inspiring chronicles of 16 individuals who have chosen the “Cloud Path”

Featuring actionable tips and empowering stories, Cloud Career Journeys is your guidebook to navigate the road to an inspiring Cloud career.

When it comes to career in Cloud computing, there is a ton of technical content, but aspirants are still confused about which path to take or how to excel in their Cloud career. We aim to address this gap by including different stories from people coming from diverse backgrounds and excelling in Cloud careers.

This book is an attempt to take you through the course of life they have been through, which shaped them the way they are today. After reading this book, you will feel as if you have met each of them individually and be inspired by them as we were when writing the book.

Purchase of the book includes free learning resources worth $100+ from leading cloud training providers (Whizlabs, Pluralsight, Digital Cloud Training), to support your cloud learning. The value of these free resources far outweighs the cost of this book.

Reflections from the book:

“In this book, I reveal how I overcame a difficult childhood and forged a career in technology”. - Jeff Barr, Vice President, AWS

“It’s never too late to reinvent yourself. In this book, I have shared why and how I founded A Cloud Guru.” - Ryan Kroonenburg, Founder, A Cloud Guru

“Believe in yourself, even if others might not see your vision. My journey shows that sticking to it and backing yourself up are game-changers.” - Kesha Williams, AWS Machine Learning Hero

What’s in the book for you

Learn from inspiring real-life stories of 16 individuals who share their career journeys of:

  • Making the transition to a Cloud career from non-technical roles
  • Progressing up the Cloud career ladder from technical background
  • Re-starting your journey into Cloud after a career break
  • Helping others advance their Cloud skills and knowledge
  • Reaching at the pinnacle of the Cloud success

You will also find AAA at the end of every story which stands for Advice, Action, and Alert from each of the individuals featured in the book. They are:

  • Top 3 Advice to follow for a successful Cloud career journey
  • Top 3 Actions to take that will drive meaningful progress
  • Top 3 Alerts to avoid common pitfalls that can hinder success

The book shares 144 tips (16 stories x 9 tips) to advance your Cloud career.

Who this book is for?

Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting your cloud journey, you will find the book equally useful. Each story will leave you with actionable advice that you can follow.

There are 16 stories in the book, arranged in six categories. The idea is to ensure that the readers can resonate with at least one category based on their background, the career stage they are in, or their career aspirations. We meticulously selected every person in each category to ensure that we can present as unique and diverse Cloud career journeys as possible for you.

  • The Pathfinders - Charted into Cloud with no technical background
  • The Undefeated - Paved Cloud path against all odds
  • The Progressives - Used prior IT knowledge as stepping stones to Cloud
  • The Liberators - Eased the Cloud path for others
  • The Accelerators - Force multipliers for technology and Cloud explorers
  • The Pinnacles - At the apex of Cloud success

Free Resources with the book

In the back pages of the book, you’ll find a QR code to register and claim free resources. These include one-month free access to:

  • Premium+ subscription to Whizlabs
  • Premium subscription to Pluralsight Skills
  • Digital Cloud Training’s Learning Platform
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Cloud Career Journeys - ebook

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